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Throughout the years, I have reached many digital and physical photographs by Sébah&Joaillier who is a part of my family. My goal here is to create a digital collection and present these beauties to the public and to the future, I do not see any benefit of keeping them on dusty shelves.

The part that I am particularly concerned is the period from the beginning of the partnership until the death of Joailler, ie between 1885-1904. It is possible to find pictures by Pascal Sébah, Jean Pascal Sébah and Cosmi Sébah, but I have tried to give importance to a very specific period.

Due to this fixed period, the number of photographs by Sébah&Joaillier is limited. With the exception of cabine portraits and private shots, it can be estimated that the number of varieties of existing photos does not exceed 1,600-1,700. There are approximately 1,500 of these here in my digital collection (Sep 2021).

The special shootings, such as Abdülhamit Collection and Baghdad Railway Construction, on different subjects exist but it can be estimated that they are few.

The inestimable quantity of cabine portraits is high due to the daily store duty. Every family can have several in their old albums. There are approximately 300 pieces in my digital collection (Sep 2021).

I keep adding new photos as long as I get them.


The majority of the photos are albumen prints and the rest silver prints. The technical features of these types of printings can be viewed on videos through the internet.

The fact that many photographs date from 1880s-1890s and printed on very thin paper makes physical protection conditions important. Especially with their organic structure the albumen prints are likely to deteriorate over time.

Naturally, for collectors old albumen photos have high importance. They have an antique look with their shades of sepia color and they become rare, increasing in value. At that time these photos were more in the interest of tourists, so today it is possible to find few of them in the families, collections and museums outside of Turkey.

From 1895 onwards, these photographs were used by printing houses in postcard production.


In the sub-menu, you can see photos in different topics, click on a photo to see it larger or on full page, you can also read the description. You can press the heart signs to like, you can press the arrow and share the page on social media.


If there is the collection stamp on one side of a Sébah&Joaillier product, it confirms that the product is authentic and handled by myself.

I wish you will enjoy...


Fabrizio Casaretto

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